Perinatal Mental Health

Pregancy Psychology


Support when you are expecting, or after the birth of your child. It is estimated that more than one fifth of women experience mental health issues in the perinatal period, such as postnatal depression and postnatal anxiety. Preparing to become a parent can be  emotionally and physically draining! Anxiety, low mood, sleep deprivation, and social pressure all add to the experience. Talk to your doctor about a referral or make an appointment to discuss further.

Early Development & Infant Mental Health

Support in better understanding early infant development. Learn strategies to nurture the carer-child relationship and improve attachment to ensure a healthy and strong bond with your baby at a time that is crucial for healthy infant development. 

Infant Psychology

Mothers Group

Support from other mothers


Small groups are run a couple of times a year for new mothers and their babies. These groups are designed to support those experiencing postnatal anxiety and depression and for those mums who just need some extra support or want to meet other mothers with similar aged babies.

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