Behaviour Concerns

Through consultation, observation, and/or assessment, a Psychologist can help you understand your child's behaviour, at home or at school and can assist you with strategies for managing their behaviour. 

Therapeutic support for kids

Counselling and therapy for children and adolescents experiencing anxiety, low mood, stress, adjustment issues, bullying, or other social or family concerns.


Being a teenager can be a confusing and confronting time. A psychologist can offer a confidential space to talk through everyday issues or to learn strategies for managing more serious psychological symptoms. We can offer support for issues such as, low mood or anxiety, issues regarding gender or sexuality, problems with social or peer pressure or family relationships and much more!

Family Stress Management

Family life is a juggling act, keeping everyone happy and healthy isn't easy! Work and financial pressure, extended family, family separation, expatriation, and other stressors can take their toll. A psychologist can offer therapeutic support to individuals or to the whole family!

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